How it works

Membership boating is the natural choice for the modern-day boater. Anyone who has ever owned a boat understands the effort and costs involved. As passionate boaters, we started to think about how boating could be made accessible to everyone.

Our aim was to offer all the wonderful and unique experiences of owning a boat; without the inhibitive costs, time-intensive maintenance and the restrictiveness of just one boat type.

After some tinkering and a little magic, The Boat Club was born.

Unlimited you say?

Yes, unlimited access. We have worked very closely with our members from the beginning to develop the perfect system that gives unlimited access. So how does it work?

Each member can book one weekday and weekend booking in advance. Once a booking is complete, your allowance resets, leaving you free to book again. Further to that, you are free to book for tomorrow, regardless of your allowance. Think of it as a last-minute freebie!

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What does it cost?

For a one-off joining fee of £5,500 and fixed monthly fee of £395, you enjoy unlimited access to the fleet of boats, in all locations, ready and waiting for you to step aboard and enjoy your time on the water.

Membership covers unlimited access, full insurance, maintenance and servicing. The only additional cost to consider is your fuel!

Freedom, choice, no hassle and value for money. Ready to join?

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Your gateway to the south coast

Did we mention The Boat Club has bases in the best locations on the south coast and the Mediterranean? Oh, and did we mention you have access to all of these locations as a Boat Club member, Once you've completed the relevant training and familiarisations of course.

Heading to Cornwall for a holiday? Great. Your boat is ready and waiting for you. Spending a couple of days in the New Forest? Take the boat out with friends. Be sure to visit the Locations pages to see everything Sandbanks, Lymington, Falmouth and the Côte d'Azur have to offer.

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The Boat Club is the best of boating, without the hassle and unexpected costs
Mark, member

Don't take our word for it; our members love The Boat Club. Many are new to boating; some never considered boating as an option, finding the whole concept quite intimidating. Others were looking to purchase their first boat. All agree, The Boat Club is the perfect balance of choice, value for money and a great platform to gain experience on the water.

Other members are seasoned boaters, either looking to upgrade their existing boat, go for something a little bigger or returning to boating after a break. Our extensive range of RIBs, Pilot House, cruisers and cabin boats make boating even more fun. Rain or shine, playing in the chop or anchored in the bay for lunch, we have the perfect boat for every occasion.

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Your questions answered

We work on a 5-1 ratio with one boat for every five members. This ratio tried and tested has been used since The Boat Club began. Our booking system; devised to ensure every member gets equal access to the fleet and every opportunity to get out on the water.

Yes! Membership operates on a rolling monthly basis. Membership is paid monthly, in advance. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will have access until the end of the month.

A one-off joining fee of £5500.

Then £395 per month.

Flagship boats incur a small booking upgrade fee.

Unfortunately not. The member is responsible as the skipper of the vessel and also the insured party through The Boat Club.

As a minimum, Powerboat Level II and an induction on the vessel and familiarisation of the home port.

The cruising range for each particular boat can be found in their specification on the Fleet page.

You are responsible for your fuel. The vessel is to be refuelled at the end of your trip when you return. Flagship boats incur an upgrade fee. See each vessel for exact amount.

The boat is booked out to you for the entire day. Launch times are 9am to between 4 and 6:30pm dependent on the time of year.

On certain boats. Check the Fleet page for dog friendly boats.

No. If you have upgraded to a Flagship vessel, your upgrade fee will automatically be credited to your account.

Unfortunately not. If this is something you are interested in then take a look at our Shared Ownership options.