De Antonio 50 Coupe Wins Best Family Boat

Last week De Antonio's D50 Coupe won the Best Family Boat at this years Best of Boats Awards.
The Best of Boats Awards is the largest annual awards for motorboats in Europe, assuming the number of participating countries, magazines and boat tests. As the only motorboat award worldwide, the BOB Award is at home in all important European water-sports regions.

De Antonio Yachts is making history and demonstrating, once again, its leadership in innovation and design. This 15-meter vessel impresses with its two or three sophisticated cabins, offering families a blend of luxury and functionality. Notably, the option to include a jacuzzi at the bow enhances its appeal.

What sets this boat apart is its remarkable versatility. Propelled by two, three, or four outboards, each boasting a robust 1,800 hp capacity, the De Antonio 50 Coupé can effortlessly achieve speeds of up to 50 knots. Its prowess on the water extends beyond functionality, embodying a statement of power and sophistication.

The Best of Boats Award holds significant esteem within the European maritime community, making the De Antonio 50 Coupé's triumph a noteworthy accomplishment. This recognition underscores the vessel's exceptional features, establishing it as the premier choice for families seeking a harmonious blend of opulence and performance.

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