The Boat Club X Lasai Solar Electric Boats

The Boat Club and Lasai Solar Electric boats form an exciting partnership with a shared goal of achieving eco friendly boating, setting sail towards a sustainable future.
The Boat Club are ecstatic to announce that they are now the exclusive U.K. representative of Lasai Solar Electric boats and have set sail in partnership towards a sustainable future for the boating community.

The Boat Club will be commissioning a Lasai 200GL to the Sandbanks fleet which will allow members to experience the magic of solar electric cruising.

Solar electric boats combine the pleasure of cruising with respect for the environment, arrange your visit today to discover the future for yourself.

Learn more about Lasai!

LASAI is a Spanish company that designs and manufactures solar electric boats. It was founded in 2021 by the Spanish investment group Beraunberri, founder and former owner of Solarpack.
It is based at the Automotive Intelligence Center, 15 kms away from Bilbao in Spain. In this technological innovation centre, LASAI has developed three models of boats, all of them have been produced in the shipyard located in the north of Portugal.
LASAI has already developed two recreational boat concepts, one for coastal cruising, the other for lakes, rivers and waterways. There is also a model designed for passenger transport. The Lasai 20 is an electric propulsion boat with photovoltaic solar generation with length variants between 5.99 and 6.80 metres. It reaches a maximum speed of 12 knots and 10 hours of range in mixed use.

LASAI is committed to a new model of recreational boating: sustainable, silent and environmentally friendly. Its boats combine the high quality of its components with a state-of-the-art design and the innovation of solar electric technology. Silent cruising means being one with nature. Zero noise. Zero emissions. LASAI solar electric boats minimizes the environmental footprint. Silent cruising also means cruising in style. The focus on design is apparent in the curves and polished lines of decks and exteriors.
The future of boating lies in decarbonisation and zero emissions. Growing social awareness, coupled with regulatory momentum, makes it necessary to seek transports that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Each Lasai 20 boat will avoid releasing 1 ton of CO2 per year to the atmosphere, as well as other contaminants typically emitted by conventional marine engines such as particles, NOx, CO and unburned hydrocarbons

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