Welcome back, captain

No sales pitch here. We know that you know all about the reality of boating. But we do want to introduce you to a better option. The Boat Club removes all the things like cost of purchase, maintenance, those days when you can't get out on the water because of some stupid little issue. And there is more. Not one boat, not one location, The Boat Club gives you so much more.

How many boats did you say?

Our fleet consists of a boat for every occasion. Fancy a bit of fishing? Grab the pilot house. How about a romantic leisurely cruise around the harbour, our classic launch is perfect to slow things down a bit. But what about those days out with friends and family? We have a fleet of great boats such as the Axopar 28 open and cabin version to make those days extra special.

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Location, location, location

Remember those days when you had to prep the boat, hitch it up to a trailer, tow it 200 miles for that family holiday in Cornwall. No more. The Boat Club has some great locations along the south coast. Why be limited to just one place? As a member you have full access to every location. Take a holiday in this country, but this time don't take the boat with you. It's already there for you!

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Looking for even more?

Have you considered shared ownership? We are sure you have. But we do it differently. Not only do you get the freedom of owning your boat that shared ownership brings, but you get The Boat Club too. Your vessel is maintained and managed by us, we provide an online booking calendar to make things easy. But there is also one big benefit. You also get access to the club fleet. All those Boat Club benefits wrapped up into one package.

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