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Once you experience boating you will be hooked. Experience life from a completely different viewpoint. See things you have never seen before, feel the rush of cruising across the bay at twenty knots. Relax to the gentle rock of being at anchor, making unforgettable memories for you and your family.

Training is at our core

At The Boat Club training is a constant. Throughout your membership you will always be learning. Start with your Powerboat Level II, an internationally recognised qualification which is the perfect introduction to the sea. From there, gain experience under the watchful eye of The Boat Club, will teach you how to enjoy the water safely. Training continues throughout your time with us, from shore and water based sessions to more advanced courses as you progress.

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Escape the crowds

As a boater, you are one of the privileged. Instead of being relegated to fighting for a spot on a crowded beach, find your own private beach! Share experiences with friends and family, make memories and do things you have never tried before. Catch mackerel, barbecue on a beach, snorkel in hidden bays, just some of the things you will do as a Boat Club member.

More Than One Boat

As a member, you will have access to all different kinds of boats. All our fleet are carefully selected for their particular properties. Fast safe Ribs, open boats for those fun sunny days, a pilot house for those chilly days. Each boat type gives you a totally different experience, why be limited to just one?

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