Perfect for those who love enjoying the sea in total comfort, without sacrificing functionality, performance, efficiency nor the Christian Grande hallmarked Italian style.

Timeless Beauty

Large, spacious and functional interior, far more than in other yachts in its category. The steering is vertically set, for a precise and comfortable cruising. The sterndrive engine increases the available space on board, as well as the elegance of its lines. Model CX250i is a concentrate of design and comfort, which is emphasized by the care of every detail, from the craftsmanship of its finishing and details, to the materials and the colour alternations. The swim platform is a practical walkway and the preferred access to the sea, likewise an element bestowing slick and classy shapes, while its sterndrive engine minimizes the visual impact.

Trim & Colour

The colour makes identity. The concept of luxury suggested by Capoforte starts from the boat design and goes until the colour, making true the most intimate thinking of the customer. It is for this reason that Capoforte offers a wide selection of chromatic customizations of its models. Thanks to a wide colour and tones choice, every boat will be unique and precious.


  • Length7.75m
  • Beam2.5m
  • Draft --
  • Hull --
  • Weight2500kg
  • Fuel tank270l
  • Water tank --
  • Passengers10
  • Cabins1
  • Bathrooms --
  • Min Power --
  • Max Power280hp
  • Cruising Speed25kn
  • Max Speed --

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