HX 200

This sporty model blends the prestige of traditional Italian boat design to satisfy even the most demanding ship-owner. Combing style and performance, the perfect vessel to spend days on the water with family and friends.

Style, Safety and Speed

Characterised by an original and innovative design, the HX 200 bestows a distinctive touch of strength and toughness. It can be powered by up to 150HP, reaching a maximum speed of 36 knots. Its speedy qualities are surprising, as motors in complete safety, even in extreme conditions.

Trim and Colour

The concept of luxury suggested by Capoforte starts from the boat design and goes until the colour, making true the most intimate thinking of the customer. Capoforte offers a wide selection of chromatic customisations for its models, making every boat unique and precious.

Capoforte Boats HX200 | Yacht sales and brokerage from The Boat Club


  • Length6,1m
  • Beam2,4m
  • Draft --
  • Hull --
  • Weight1070kg
  • Fuel tank200L
  • Water tank50L
  • Passengers8
  • Cabins --
  • Bathrooms --
  • Min Power --
  • Max Power150hp
  • Cruising Speed20kn
  • Max Speed36kn

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