GT 280

All Invictus boats are the result of an integrated design project, in which every detail is part of an idea that makes the boat evolution coherent: from the first paper sketch to launch.


The GT280, features a half-reverse bow, sharp and sturdy at the same time. The sides are characterized by homogeneous transitions from solid to empty, while windows and air inlets are designed as simple fissures to stress the monolithic feeling created by Christian Grande. The choice of this bow shape increases the floating length, assuring more longitudinal stability and offering more space and comfort on the lower deck.


The colour makes identity. The concept of luxury suggested by Invictus starts from the boat design and goes until the colour, making true the most intimate thinking of the customer. It is for this reason that Invictus offers a wide selection of chromatic customizations of its models. Thanks to a wide colour and tones choice every boat will be unique and precious.


  • Length8.9m
  • Beam2.84m
  • Draft --
  • Hull --
  • Weight2.8t
  • Fuel tank --
  • Water tank --
  • Passengers10
  • Cabins --
  • Bathrooms --
  • Min Power --
  • Max Power350hp
  • Cruising Speed --
  • Max Speed --

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