The materials, the details, and the gorgeous interiors stand as the most sensual of compositions that cannot be unseen.

Audacious Detail

TT420 represents a new definition of innovative features, the balance of shape, the ultimate in style and elegance with essential lines and precision bringing all the dynamism to its dimension.

Colour Makes Identity

The concept of luxury embodied by Invictus goes across the boat design and the choice of colours, making the most intimate desires of customers come true. Every boat will vibrate with a unique and precious range of tones.


  • Length12,3
  • Beam4,15
  • Draft --
  • Hull --
  • Weight --
  • Fuel tank --
  • Water tank --
  • Passengers14
  • Cabins --
  • Bathrooms --
  • Min Power --
  • Max Power --
  • Cruising Speed --
  • Max Speed --

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